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Vanore Chiropractic provides customized wellness care to members of our community through quality, affordable chiropractic and health wellness services. Our goal is to educate our patients in health awareness and the benefits of leading an active lifestyle.

Chiropractic care is a natural way of helping your body heal itself without relying on drugs and surgery. Specialized treatment plans are recommended to our patients following a comprehensive consultation that includes a thorough spinal examination. Through the use of various adjusting techniques, Vanore Chiropractic is able to provide natural balance, maintenance care, preventative maintenance and healing up the body by structural alignments.

Chiropractic Services

What to Expect on your first Visit

When visiting Vanore Chiropractic, we provide our patients a thorough initial examination so that we can determine an appropriate diagnostic approach and treatment plan.

First Visit
The introductory visit will be approximately 45 minutes. There are several forms to fill out so that a correct history can be taken of the person. [Forms can be accessed here before your appointment] Vitals will also be checked along with height and weight. A laser foot scan of the person will also be taken to view the 3 arches of the foot. There will be a work up of the patient starting with a visual inspection, palpation, range of motion of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar region. If after the patient history and initial examination are completed and it is determined that an x-ray or MRI are required, the patient will be sent for further testing.

Relief and Corrective Care
If the history and exam reveal that the patient is cleared with no further testing, the patient will receive a chiropractic adjustment. These adjustments will be focused towards Restoring function and flexibility, Realignment for balance and movement and Rehabilitation of sore and overused joints and muscles.

Wellness Care
Following the adjustment, the patient will be given some literature about chiropractic along with nutritional information and some spinal strengthening exercises.

Chiropractic Techniques
Palmer package, Thompson low-force drop technique, Diversified

Office Hours
MondayAM = Appointment only; PM = 6:30 – 9pm
TuesdayAM = Appointment only; PM = 6:30 – 9pm
WednesdayAM = Appointment only; PM = 6:30 – 9pm
Thursday7pm – 9pm
Friday7pm – 9pm
Saturday8:00am – 11:30pm
Patient Forms

Please fill out the following forms before coming to your initial visit.

pdf_iconNew Patient Form
  • Insurance not accepted
  • $85 initial visit/ $40 all other visits
  • Senior Rate (over 62):  $25 per visit
  • Under 21:  $25 per visit
  • Ask about our Family WellCare rates.
  • Accepted Payment: Check, Cash, Credit Card, Debit, HSA Accounts


Dr. John Vanore

Dr. John Vanore is a former Philadelphia Police Sergeant. He attended Father Judge High School and Philadelphia Community College. He received his Doctorate degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1998. Palmer College is the first and oldest chiropractic college in the world. He chose Palmer College for its world renowned reputation as the leader in chiropractic education and for the strict educational system (www.palmer.edu).

Doctor Vanore uses weight training, aerobic exercise, stretching, adequate rest, proper nutrition, and a balanced life style to maintain health for him and patients. All patients will go through spinal strengthening exercises to stabilize the spine as well as clearing nerve interference through adjustments.

He is licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He lives in Warwick, Pennsylvania with his wife, Deb.


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Office: 3503 York Rd Furlong, Pa 18925
Phone: 267-908-1773
Email: john@vanorechiropractic.com

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